hey im looking to get a guitar for playing metal/hard rock for between 300-400 pound english sterling (not weight, my keyboard doesnt have the pound sign)
im after a mahogany body if any can help.
Look at Jackson's, Esps's, and B.C. Rich's, those are pretty good, but if you're a Dime-Hard fan of Dimebag(No, I am not one personally), you can't go wrong with the Dean Razorbacks
lol i actually thought u were looking for a guitar weighing 200 to 300 pounds haha.....
I should get off crack......
Epi les paul standard does me well for both of those genres HOWEVER its not for everyone as it weighs a tonne and has a fat neck. So ive your of the small hand variety, try an ibanez or esp. personally i'd go for an S470 but thats just me. www.gak.co.uk, have a browse.
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hey thanks i already have an ibanez s470 quiltied maple top and i love it but i alway keep it in standard tuning id love it if i could just tune it to drop D and then back to standard when i wanted but thats why i wanted another guitar one to keep in dropp D for metal and the other in standard.
i cant justify sending that much on the a maple top s470 just for a knock around metal axe.
thanks guys.
^ not quite, but it's getting there.

If I were you I'd look into some Ibanez RGs, like second hand RG550/570/750/770s
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what do you mean by metal and hard rock? what's your amp? what's your current guitar?
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