Hey, I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I am having difficulties recording distortion guitar (clipping type distortion). To elaborate, I "can" record distortion, but i find that mic'ing the amp provides a cheap monaural sound (possibly due to a mic lacking in quality? *the mic I am using is supposed to be High Quality, but maybe a condenser mic would work better? I have no idea) and plugging directly into the recorder input gives a full sound, but i find the distortion very crunchy, almost too distorted. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.
Check you havnt got the microphone input level set too high as this can cause severe clipping and overdistortion.
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No I'm sure that's not the problem, the "overdistorted" sound i'm talking about only occurs when the guitar is plugged directly into the recorder, using a mic on the amp just provides a very cheap sound, i'm trying my best to get a studio quality sound for a cd.... at any rate, i beleive I will just experiment more mic positions or re-model my distortion program. Thanks anyway.
Try experimenting with the level of your amp. It really depends on the sound you're going for and the size/sound of your room. One thing to remember is to plug one ear and listen to your amp where you are going to place the mic, then adjust your amp as needed. Or, if you find a place in the room where you like the sound, put the mic there. If you have the ability to record in stereo, one dynamic mic a couple inches from the speaker and a condenser at a good spot in the room is sometimes the ticket.

Experiment a lot and trust your ears.