You mean the what are other guitars, that are versatile like the strat?

Well the Les Paul can be used in just about any type of music. IMHO

It's not a Fender but it's very versatile.

Fenders versatile toward lighter stuff and the Les Paul versatile towards heavier stuff, but you can use either of these guitars for whatever you want to play. IMO
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My Schecter can do quite a bit. Most guitars can, if you have the right amp. Active pickups aren't very versatile, but other than that, most of your tone comes from your amp. What do you play? Do you want singles or humbuckers? Etc, etc, etc.
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what kind of pickups do you like? Not EMGS
22 or 24 fret? i dont care
what kind of neck? not a very thick one
any particular body style? soild
single coils or humbuckers? what ever is better
fixed bridge or floating? doesnt matter
budget? 700- 850

i play grunge, punk, pink floyd, some metal but i love to play on clean
I would say a guitar with humbuckers and then install 2 new pickups and a coil splitting push-pull pot (if it already doesn't come with one) which will give you a total of 6 different tones, if you have 2 humbuckers. You'll have to get new pickups to do that since most guitars don't come stock with 4 conductor pickups. Take a look at Schecter, Epiphone, Ibanez, PRS SE, etc.
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