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Yes, extremely good. Go over to sevenstring.org and take a look at how many people actually bought one.

I dunno about how it plays (havent been to GC in forever and they prolly wouldnt have it anyways) but +1 about sevenstring.org and how many people bought one.
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You should try out the ZR trem, it might be a bit stiffer.
Hey, oh damn..setting it up will be such a damn pain in the ass, it wouldn't be funny...
6 is bad enough, 7!?
are the pickups any good on this guitar? i was about to buy the s520 before i saw this and apparently the pickups arent very good on it.
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most of the ibanez stock pickups are total junk.

ok, i thought so

what pickups would go well it?
I have an S7320, they are truly excellent guitars for the money, the ZR trem as previously stated doesnt quite have the range or smoothness when compared to a standard LFR or OFR, but it holds soo good. As for the pickups, they seem pretty decent enough for a while, but it wont be long until i drop a D-sonic 7 and air norton 7 in there.