For school, I need to do an essay sort of thing on a relatively well-known electric guitar player who was born in a spanish-speaking country. I don't know any, could somebody please name one or something? Thanks
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Carlos Santana

One of the best guitarists out there.
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Estaban? No idea.
Henry Garza(Los Lonely Boys)
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Estaban? No idea.

That guy's white. And from Seattle. And his names Stephen Paul.
santana most definitely, him or tommy chong. those are the only 2 spanish guys i know that play guitar.
eddie guarraro(i think is his name)....the guy for taking back sunday....not the most talented, but famous none the less
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There's some Brazillian guitarist who is supposedly the greatest modern classical guitarist in the world.
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eddie guarraro(i think is his name)....the guy for taking back sunday....not the most talented, but famous none the less

Eddie Reyes. Eddie Guerrero is a wrestler... err, was.
Santana, not only hispanic, but one of the best players out there
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Estaban? No idea.

esteban is a white guy from Jersey (or PA, depending on who you listen too).

i cant think of any hispanic electric players, lots of flamenco and classical players though.
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Fher Olvera of Mana fame
El Vampiro(Cesar Lopez) ex-Mana lead guitarist, Current lead guitarist of Jaguares
Alex Lora(bassist) of El Tri, Best Mexican Rock And Roll band from Mexico
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Eddie Reyes. Eddie Guerrero is a wrestler... err, was.

haha, couldnt remember the wrestlers name either, but thought it was guardado. oh well, at least you got it right. but any hispanic player list must start with santana.
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omg just end the thread CARLOS SANTANA! do it on CARLOS, SAN TAN A. its a guarunteed A, and you'd have a really fun time listening to his music as well.
David Hidalgo from Los Lobos, he's amazing
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carlos santana, esteban, guy from Taking Back Sunday

and one of my favorites:

Omar Rodriguez-lopez (the mars volta. at hte drive-in, de facto)

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Wálter Giardino
He's an Argentinian awesome shredder. Really plays like Malmsteen.
Listen to rata blanca - la leyenda del hada y el mago (search for it on youtube). Awesome solo.

achkarlos off of youtube
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omar rodriguez-lopez, carlos santana, tom morello, and claudio sanchez (coheed and cambria)
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I believe Richie Valens was of Hispanic decent.

+ 1

Santana is prolly what you're looking for though
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there's this up-and-coming spanish two person dueling-acoustic guitars instrumental band called rodrigo y gabriela. they're actually really cool they did spanish guitar covers of "orion" and "stairway to heaven" on their new album.
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