Poll: Do you sleep with music playing?
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Yes, can't sleep without it
25 24%
Yes, but I can get to sleep fine without it.
50 47%
31 29%
Voters: 106.
Just wondering, how many of the people here sleep with music playing? I usually have mine playing at about the same volume I listen to it during the day, and I find it harder to get to sleep without it now.

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when i was little my parents used to read me stories to fall asleep and it worked so then i started listening to stories on tape and then i listened to music and have been ever since bah!

as long as im tired enough, i can sleep w/o music, but i love to have it on as im drifting off. has to be relax, chill music though. if i have on somehting like rise against, im just gonna want to thrash around and let my adrenaline flow.
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Nope, I can't.
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I ve slept listening to cannibal corpse...
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I tend to sleep with it on; especially if I'm working on covering a song. I normally don't listen to the radio because if they start playing a song I hate while I'm trying to go to sleep, I can't sleep. So normally it's a CD. Lately it's been Black Stone Cherry's album.
I always listen to either a cover song im working on or a nice slow song like Cancer by MCR.
But other than that i also listen to a comedy playlist i have on my iPood. i have some small travel speakers i put under my pillow and i connect those to my iPood and i listen to those.
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i tend to do it sometimes. either music or i listen to virgin radio, and forget to take my headphones out after drunk vs stoned and the dead of the night.
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I don't have to, but I'm used to there being a lot of noise at night.
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Can't sleep without it.
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I sleep with a fan on, just for the noise
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Sometimes. I have a habit of waking up early in the morning with a song playing and for some reason that song sounds like the most beautiful noise ever.
I listen to any band featured in NME, puts me to sleep straight away.

Nah, can't say I listen to music when sleeping tbh.
Only Deep Blue Day by Brian Eno
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Usually I turn the music off before I fall asleep. The only time I sleep with music on is when I fall asleep during a car ride.

I did fall asleep (in bed, at night) listening to Ashes Against the Grain by Agalloch. Best sleep I've ever had.
Yeah. Almost every night I fall in sleep while listenening to a evanescence song.. and I'll wake up in the middle of the night when some kind of freak is grunting into my ear..
I love metal, although it isn't that sweet when you wake up listening to it.

I can sleep fine without music, although i fall asleep listening to music almost every night
Once, I fell asleep listening to Aha - Take on Me on repeat which led to my best dream ever...you aint lived til you've had the Aha dream...
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i set the sleep timer and put the ol ipod on shuffle and let 'er rip
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I usually listen to a sports talk show. Shit puts me to sleep in an instant.

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I'm on pills for sleeping, no way I could sleep with music playing...and if I did, it'd have to be so loud that it drowned out everything else. But seeing as everyone else is asleep when I go to bed...it's not likely gonna happen
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I can sleep with it sometimes, but other times it just keeps me awake. It has to be something mellow though like some CSNY or maybe some of the softer phish or moe. or something like that.
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