holy shit, , one of the best covers ive heard in a long time, i love your leads, 8/10 for that well done
The guitar volume isnt loud enough so you have to make an effort to liten hard to hear your playing.

You can use the phones socket on your amp through a cable to the line in on your PC.

The delay spoilt the solo completely... lose it please. And if you have to use it turn it down!

A few the improvisations were a bit sloppy. If you're gonna include them keep them tight.

The lick in the middle of the first chorus isn't so difficult. And the one in the 2nd chorus would have been better as some sort of chromatic ascent.

I know that was pretty negative but they were pretty small errors and once they have been ironed out the quality of your cover will be far higher. On a good note... most of the riffing was good and mostly tight.

Currently i would give about 7/10. Call me harsh but its my honest opinion. By ironing out a few of the problems mentioned above I am pretty sure you could raise the standard to about an 8.5/10-9/10. I Know I have been picky but surely perfection is the goal we all aim to acheive. Right?

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Wow that was pretty sweet man, i do have to agree with above though, you gotta kill the delay on the solo. But overall i was really impressed, I think you could actually turn the distortion down just a bit so it isn't quite so muddy but i guess that is just preference.
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It sounds pretty sweet, but the tone of the distortion is too thick in my opinion, everything runs together... I think this would sound better with a more crisp distortion, something with a crunch to it... but not a lot of sustain. Overall it's played well. I didn't really like the delay in the solo though, it just made it sound sloppy.

I know you don't have the best microphone, but you can always fix the tone to work with bad mic's... just experiment. Also you can get great microphones from Musicians Friend for great prices... so check it out sometime.

Also mind listening to one my songs?


I'd appreciate any feedback...
Im listening as I type. Tone needs less gain, and more mids. Sometimes its hard to hear one note fromt he toher because of the tone; it makes it feel all jumbled together. Timing is good, through the intro, maybe one note or 2 that are off a little. Verses are good, but it sounds like all your notes are jumbled because of the tone. I like the soloish thing you do in the second verse after the fill. Solo is ok, loose the delay and work on tapping a little bit in the beginning. I especially liked the thing at the end that you did. I like it when people put their own touch on songs. Other than those little things, it was a pretty damn good cover. Keep up the good work. 8/10
Taking a listen right now. Tonally, yours is very thick and muddy at times. I think some mids or treble would help this out, along with less distortion. Try just using gain instead.. You are in time, which is a good thing. At the beginning, the delay worked nice, you had a harmony thing going on, but then it just gets like, extremely ridiculous.

The music is at performance level, provided you had a band. Just clean it up a bit and it will be great.

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