hey guys i need some serious help with naming my band cause all the stuff i come up with doesnt fit the sound and i dont want people to hear the name and go "o their just another (insert crappy genre here) band" just because of our name because i know people do that alot, we are a blues/rock trio and we sound like a mixture of Cream, zeppelin, and the hendrix experience, im sure im not the first person to ask this question but if anyone can help me that would be awesome
thanx guys

PS i wouldve taken it to the band names thread but i figured it would go in the back of the 70 pages that are on their and noone would see it
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The band name thread wouldn't have gotten to 70 pages unless people were still posting/reading it!
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call your band

Fetus Head
intergallactic boggle champions
or something cool like that
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The Shames

You could just take off the "e" if you want to make it irish
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