Ok, so I got the chance to try out a Diezel VH4, an ENGL Powerball, and a VHT Pitbull UL 100 (with eq) side by side....and honestly, the amp that I ended up spending the most time with was the VHT.

All of these amps handled amazingly, and each of them had their charms, but for the features, and the sheer tone, i think the VHT fit me best (hard rock/hardcore/metal) I use a lot of FX incl a guitar synth system, and the FX loop on the VHT impressed the hell out of me. But I want a really punnishing distortion tone that will shine through when I'm playing dry, with the FX off, and I just wanted to know what everyone else here thought of the PITBULL UL 100...I want to hear as much about the amp as I can before I throw down that thick of a wad of cash.
Any input is greatly appreciated
I haven't used VHT amps, but i've heard they sound great. I know Buz McGrath of Unearth uses the Deliverance head in conjuntion with the Peavey 6505 head. According to him, the Deliverance has lots of low end and mids while the 6505 has more highs and mids. I don't know if that helps, but it's the best i've got.
they kick ass, but they're extremely expensive here in the UK (like the equivalent of $5000 for the one you tried).

I didn't think they sounded just as aggressive as an engl at low volumes (i tried one next to an engl se and diezel vh4, hehe, almost a snap there! I didn't get to try them cranked unfortunately ), and I pretty much agree with your conclusions- however, I preferred the engl se as it was the most versatile, IMO- but they were all kick-ass amps. But as you said, they're all awesome, it's really personal preference- if you liked the vht the best, go with that!
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