hey its been a while since ive been here. so this is a song i wrote about a dream i had the other day. It was about many things including dinosaurs and dogs who cheat at poker. but that really doesnt show in the song. so here it is.

Suenos como Liricas
I said hello to the Russian man and asked how was the ride
He said it was extraordinary, like a free fall through purple and orange skies
Oh sir would you be kind enough to ascertain the time
He said sorry I dont like to talk about it so I asked why
Well the sun gave a farewell one night and I haven't been the same since
I'm sorry for your loss
It's okay im over it now it's a quarter till 6
Watch out! I yelled Watch out! and then he had departed

I was at the table, hold, check, call
I saw someone i thought i had met
Maybe hes russian? his coat seems thick
If only his face were there to see I could tell for sure
These bloodhounds could never win a fair game
Theyre cheating! I yelled Theyre cheating!
So I bid a good night to them and just like that they had left

So just like that these men hauled me away
They pulled me out of my only santcuary
The car was going unusually slow so i asked the driver
I am exhausted could you take me home?
He looked back and i remembered that face
I had seem in it a magazine, or book, or something
And while his attetion had diverted we crashed into the ditch and he was laying on the grass
But it was actually me just driving the car
And i then realized the Russian man didnt exist

Peace out
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hey man, just have a few things to say on this. the whole thing is pretty great. i kind of wonder how you remembered all trhis from a dream though. I see what you mean, youve done a good job going over the dinosaurs and card games so it doesnt seem really cheesy. vocabualry is great, and it doesnt take away from the flow, which is good. also, the way you wrote it, in a kind of short story way, not ppoet way is interesting.
Thanks for the crit on mine man... This is a very interesting song, my only thing is that I can't really imagine how it would flow with music. It seems to me like it's more like a story or something that you would tell around a campfire with three circulating chords, but I really like the story behind it and if you put it to music, I would really like to hear it. Overall I think the song is good, the story is better.

Pretty awesome song. I wish I could remember my dreams. Anyways, I liked this piece. Very trippy. It sort of reminded me of early Pink Floyd with Syd Barret. The wording was great. After reading so many "serious" songs on the forum, it's nice to see one that's light-hearted. It's a nice change of pace. (There's a hidden meaning in this song, isn't there.) The only thing that bothered me was the lack of flow. It really handicapped this piece for me. Well, despite that set back, this song was great.

Crit mine please?
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Yes there is a story behind this song if your wondering. Its actually about a man whos driving down the road. In the first stanza hes wishing he had friends he could just talk to. So he makes up this false Russian man. (In my dream the russian guy gets eaten by a dinosaur made of cardboard). In the second part He sees these guys and wants to kill them but what he sees in them his himself.So hes considering suicide. (In my dream i was playing poker with dogs and they were cheating so i cut em with my light saber. And the russian guys body was in there. His head got bitten off hence the line "If only his face were there...) And in the third part he considers pulling the car off the road. He realizes its a bad decision and in seeing the russian guy didnt exist he changes his life trying to make friends etc. (in my dream thomas jefferson was driving me to the police station when we wrecked. He flew out the windshield and it showed him layin there but it was me.) And thats the meaning behind this piece
Dude all I can say is keep doing stuff like this. I pretty much loved the whole damn thing, except I think I missed the dinosaurs. You gotta read between the lines, it's kinda like my style to more exaggerated measure.
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