I have a 60th anniversary MIM strat and it has a buzzing 8th fret. Basically all the strings buzz except for the high and low E strings. I was wondering if this could be the result of neck warp and would like try adjusting the truss rod but I don't know how to!!

Please provide me with input and suggestions. Also, there aren't very many guitar techs in my area and the turnover times are way too long!! thanks.
it might just be feedback from the amp, do you mean it won't sound right when you pluck it or you just hold down the fret and it buzzes? one time, i held down a G (5th fret) on the D string and it started like yelling at me. i never could re-create that phenomenon again.
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That buzzing fret you hear is called fret buzz.
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You may have to raise the action a little. It sound like the radius of the fretboard doesn't exactly match the contour of the bridge. The frets may be a little high and need dressing (filing down and smoothing.) A neck warp probably wouldn't cause it. The neck may need adjustment however. Even though it may be a decent guitar the MIM guitars lack in quality control a bit. If you never adjusted a truss rod before be aware you could permanently damage the instrument if you overtighten. Best to get a tech unless you want to risk it.
adjust the action and if that dosent work take it to a music shop to get the truss rod checked out if this fails put a little snippit of paper under the strings at the top nit this should levatate the strings a bit higher on the fret board keep adding small pices of paper untill there is no more buzz but dont ad more than five pices beacuse if after three pices of paper if hte buzzing hasent stopped its gotta be something else causing this problem
dudes...you can releif the neck. Jiimy page did it all the time
when he was doing a lot of studio sessions. Becuase the guitar's
neck would change due to temp and huminity..ect
Of couse you don't wanna be touch it all the time.

There should be a slight bow in the neck for an average relief.

Lefty loosies, righty tighty
Trun counter clock wise to relief the neck. 1/4 trun at a time is suggested.
Might be a litte longer becuase the nut adjustment on a strat is at the body
instead of the head stock.
You want to loosen the neck releif so the strings can pull on the neck to
make it bow...you know what i mean.

Also keep in mind that the fret or top of freatboard is not perfectly flat.
You might try adjusting the saddle of each string first.
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