Hi ....just wanted to know ...do any of you guys suffer from pain in the palm after playing for barre chords or anything that requires pressure using the thumb ?

Im not talking about callouses ....im gettin this irritatin pain in my palm ..ive been playing for a couple of years now and it still prevails....is it normal ?
i did when i started playing, or learned something new, its normal, it will go away
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I know what you're talking about, threadstarter.

I had that a lot while playing..are you anchoring? That caused me a whole bunch of pain and when I stopped, it went away.
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I never had pain in my palm when I started using barre chords...it's probobly just me though...
I used to get it when I was still a beginner at barré chords. But you say that you have been plaing for a couple of years and that the pain still doesn't prevail, so I'm guessing you're doing something wrong, have you checked with other guitarists?
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But really >_> Jinskee I think he means his left hand. I think I read about someone else with the same problem. It still prevails after a couple years? O_o I've never had this problem, maybe you're doing it weirdly.