Hey guys,
I am a beginner guitar player... self taught for 2+ years, lovin the rock. I am no Hendrix but I get by!

Now I have done things like replace pickups/soldering of wiring in previous guitars, but now I have this sweet little Yamaha Pacfica 112J that I would like to rod out. It's a black strat with white pickguard. Now when I have some spare cash this spring I want to do the following:

1. Replace with hotter pickups (its single/single/hummer). Anyone have any suggestions for pickups better than stock, but still economical?

2. Painting the pickguard:
I want to rip this sucker off and make it black! I'm thinking black acrylic spraypaint and then clearcoat/enamal. How should I do this, and what products should I buy?

I also would LOVE to do some kind of black pickguard, with white or red 'spatter' like a bloodspray on the pickguard. Any ideas of how I could pull this off? I also have this sweet skull stencil that would look rad, think of it:
Black strat with white/red spray pattern and red or white skull. I don't know, what do you think?

Also: how do you get decals off the body of the guit?

1. before even touching your pickups, you really haveto know WHAT YOU WANT TO CHANGE. there's no point changing pickups, if you don't know what you want to change in your sound.

2. get some lower grit sandpaper, and go over the bugger once or twice. then get regular spraypaint, and paint it with one or two layers. i don't think the clearcoat would be a good idea. it will be overly shiny...

decals: use some sort of cleaning solution (but be careful - some might damage your finish) or just use a sponge with water, and rub like hell.

splatter: get a toothbrush and soak it in paint. then push it back with your thumb and release, so the paint drops 'catapult' from the brushes onto your guitar. that's how i'd do it.

that's my five cents

EDIT: i wouldn't stencil anything on a guitar...especially if its a skull or something like htat...i don't know, it's just not that cool, while not being very original.
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If you live in the US, I heard GuitarFetish pickups are pretty good, and they're darned cheap too.

Painting a pickguard will work, but it might not last very long. Not all paints grip celluloid well. I dunno which work. To do a blood splatter, you could just flick some red paint onto it with a brush of some sort. Or dip a cotton wool ball into paint and drop it onto it.