Alright, I've been playing guitar for about 6 months (no lessons), and I was just wondering if I'm up to par on what a normal guitarist should know by now.

I understand basic music theory, can play major scales, and I'm familiar with most picking and fingering aspects (pinch harmonics, bending, hammers, pull offs, etc...). I can currently play almost all punk, and a few songs such as stairway to heaven, black dog (minus solos), and under the bridge.

Also, I'm gratefully accepting advice as to what else I should learn.
1. Stop comparing yourself to other people..who gives a shit
2. Learn Scales (pentatonics/MODES)
3. Learn Chord theory/triads
4. Stop caring so much about how good you are compared to other people
i agree with wut the guy above me said about comparing urself to other people. u should just focus on learning more about the guitar and focus more on having fun. cuz thats wut playing guitar should b about. my other advice is that u should listen 2 a guitarist that u admire and learn how that person plays.