So, a few weeks ago my tremolo was broken on my Ibanez S470 (The socket where you insert the arm sanpped due to bad materials) and I brought it in for repairs.He said that he would try to find a replacement part for the broken piece made of metal so it wouldn't break, and used an FR socket and arm. When I brought it home, it played perfectly, better than my previous arm in fact, but recently the socket has started to shake, so much that it's affecting my range with the tremolo.

It moves about an inch and a half up and down before it affect the actual bridge and raises/lowers the pitch, and doesn't tighten in one place. I'm not sure if I need to take it in for repairs or I can fix this myself (After a quick check with a flashlight it looks like a piece in the back just screws in, but that would require taking off the bridge and fixing it).

Anyone ever have this sort of problem and can help me out?
pics? im nto quite sure what part you are talking about.
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you mean the little circular thing that the bar goes through? ive forgotten the name of it, but yeah, pics please.

Freak-Edit: the part is called a shoulder.
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