I mean for modern stuff like Necrophogast and others like that, every ones heard the name Metallica or Iron maiden @ some point but no one has a clue about as blood runs black and so many others. If I had to put a name to the most mainstream metal bands i would say In flames(their metal enough for me), children of Bodom, and Opeth. What do you guys think?
The fact that you just said 'Necrophogast' automatically removes any validity from this thread.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Hmm judging from your pic you'd fit in more with a fat busted tribute.
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The fact that you just said 'Necrophogast' automatically removes any validity from this thread.

Im sry I cant effing spell!
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I think he means Necrophagist......Its called a typo.

thank you! they have a wierd enough name as it is and everone freaks out when I misspell it.
Dimmu Borgir
In Flames
Children of Bodom

I don't like any of those bands (except for Dimmu Borgir) but that's what all of the mallcore/pseudo metalheads listen to in my school.
It's pretty lame.
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id say blink 182

people say there pop, i disagree and i like tom's breakdowns

so you think they're hardcore.....moron
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Shredhead's advice is the best in the thread.

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