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3 23%
Seymour Duncan
6 46%
1 8%
3 23%
Voters: 13.
What kind of pickups do you personally prefer out of these?

If there's another kind you like just mention them, but i chose these for being the most popular here at UG.
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I like Seymour duncans, cause they're more classic rock and blues...like me.

Dimarzio are very ibanez - souless (think dragonforce)
EMG are too metal for me

(personal opinions, hope i didnt hurt anyone )
um, for what style/guitar?
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BKP's or swineshead.

Out of those 3 you mentioned (EMG, SD and DM), I prefer EMG for metal (by a long way), they're good for what they're aimed at. I like a very few specific duncans and dimmy's, but I'd still vastly prefer swineys or BKP.
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