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I use/like em
6 67%
I dont like them
0 0%
Never tried
2 22%
Never even heard of them?
1 11%
Voters: 9.
How many of you use them?
Their an english brand and so i guess must be hard to find but i prefer them substantially to both D'darrio's and Ernie Balls. They keep their tone for ages and barely ever break

But ive never seen many people talk about them? [ive been reading these forums for ages btw - only rejoined lately ]

so yeah is it a lack of not trying them out or not liking them?

Rotosounds are awesome!

Besides being damn good strings, you get a another free e string too!
Love 'em for bass, never tried the guitar variety, though. I don't know if I've ever seen them, to be honest. But I'm kinda loyal to D'Addarrio, so I probably don't look.
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they're great, great value too, nice warm, mellow tone. My fave, from what I've tried (I'm pretty lazy with changing strings...).
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ive heard if them, never used them, mainly because i never see them. and i like my d'addarios
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