Recommend me something so I can hold over until Arctic Monkeys new album and Rush's new album.

Anything with trippy effects and good guitar solos will be fine and some synth wouldn't be bad either. Right now I'm just getting random Frank Zappa songs.
Lol, I got all the Floyd stuff already. I've covered all the basics...Floyd,Zeppelin,Hendrix etc..
def leppard, guns n roses, the police and the killers but u prob listen 2 these bands already so im just choosing random bands here
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Are you into funk?

[/noob question]

Ya well this is a pretty noob thread on my part
Nine Inch Nails and Muse sound good for you.
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Haha im listening to Floyd right, goddamn that stuff is 10 times better when its 2 in the morning.
Flaming Lips
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Wow this is an eclectic thread - I'd recommend the Klaxons, the Kaiser Chiefs. Oh and I'm currently re-enjoying the Cribs' 2005 album in anticipation of their new album this year.