hi. what im planning on doin is getting a recording interface so i could be able to record guitar audio at home and bring it to school, transfer it to logic pro and mix it there with midi track, etc. so basicly all i need is a decent interface, to record direct on a laptop. the amp modeling software doesnt realy matter because i can add all that in logic pro, which is most like better than anything that these things come with.
i looked at the m audio fastrack usb, for $100, but i want to get soemthign with more professional audio quality.
thanks in advance
If you want more professional audio quality, you need to spend more than $100. M-Audio has some better stuff around the $250-$300 range. If you can afford it, check out the mBox 2, MOTU products, the NI Audio Kontrol, etc. MOTU is extremely Mac friendly.
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The MBox 2 Mini is the best bang-for-your buck package that I've seen so far. Great software, industry standard really, good interface with no-latency monitoring, and a great software bundle (including Amplitube LE which will keep you happy with amp sims for a while). As long as you're just dealing in audio files there aren't any compatibility issues between ProTools and Logic (different plugin format though).
yea, i checked out the mbox 2 mini, but $300 seems like a little much right now. now im thinking of the Lexicon Lambda Studio USB Audio Interface which is $150. the question i have is how bad would the latency be with thats (im running a windows xp on a ibm thinkpad), and is 48khz good enough quality?
I have the lexicon omega, and it's excellent. I get no latency whatsoever. I really like the ease of the cubase software that comes with it.
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[...]is 48khz good enough quality?

Definitely. In fact, apart from running 24 bits which you should at all times when recording, there's really no need to go to 48kHz as opposed to 44.1kHz. Nobody I know can tell the difference.
oh realy? well that helps because a lot of the better interfaces have 96khz so i figured thats how much you need to sound good. but if 44.1 is good enough, than thats fine with me.