Here is my latest...not much to say about it besides I actually went with straight guitar and bass this time...that hasn't happened often. Anyways, im not sure what genre...im not good with classifying stuff. Tell me what you think about it...ill return the favor. The first is the MIDI...the second the Powertab.

EDIT: I changed a few things...the new files are down the post a little
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Dude, even with just a guitar and bass, you are a beast. Oh man, that first minute was exactly what the title says, morning solitude. I don't understand how after that it stays the same, but it was still great. The harmonizing was spot on. I never lost interest. I want to play this stuff live with you one day.
Anyway, not much wrong. The D#'s on the bottom string didn't really sound great, but thats just my personal preference. And a lot of times the 16th notes just sounded muttled, but i think thats just because ptab is free and therefore sucks.
Awsome song dude.
Hey thanks for commenting on my piece, much appreciated!

Ok the first part with the acoustics and the lead was awesome, definatly fits with the title. The riff in bar 25 is good to, nice flow from the previous part. Bar 49-52 is very scandinavian to my ears, melodic yet heavy at the same time. The only problem i have is that the song ends a little too abruptly, and maybe it would benefit from a second solo in the main body of the song. Other then that, nice work.

8/10, 9 with a second solo.
I love this piece! It's amazing. I might have to try and put it as a proper song to show to my mates on my iPod... One thing I don't really like. Bars 29-30, the rhythm guitar seems to stop halfway through, is that on purpose? Cause I think it should carry on, so it's always at the back, rather than stop. The standard notation seems to have it so it should carry on, so it might just be powertab, but that's the thing I didn't like. Everything else was really nice.
9/10. Planning to write lyrics, or keep as instrumental?
Not exactly my style, but well written! It sets a very strong feeling/mood and fits the title exactly

wow man. that really was awesome. the ONLY kinda negative thing is, i think you could have made the first solo wrong.. but thats just up to you. great job man.
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Holy crap! That was the best piece I've heard in a while... Somehow I got this Opeth vibe from it, even after it sped up.

It was really awesome... I would love to hear it on Guitar Pro with drums.
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Wow that was great! Everything flowed nicely and the intro parts were very calming and well written. From there, when the song really kicked in it only got better. You can't do much with Powertab, but this was incredible. Theres not many negative things I can say about this piece.


crit mine?

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After taking another few listens I decided it would sound better with a second solo like a few of you said. So i added a trade off solo and a little extra part after that...MIDI is first file Powertab is 2nd
Morning Solitude.zip
Morning Solitude.zip