I've been eyeing a martin D-15 for a while now. I am trying to justify the 800plus dollars. I'm not a great player I curently own an electric fender stat. Honestly I think the only reason I want a Martin so bad is because, that is what eric clapton and john frusciante play. Any way I've got it definetly narrowed down to a dreadnut style. But I can by a cheap laminated Samick for like 200 or even a real wood Godin for like 400..... Can i justify 800 plus for a martin d-15... Somebody give me a good reason why or why not...
yeah. The low-priced martins are crap. Get a solid wood guitar, they have better resonance and do sould mellower. The only plus to laminated sides are that they are more durable.

Get a full solid wood breedlove, seagull, takamine or alvarez. These guitars are really good for a low price, and most have solid wood on all sides.
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The martin d15 is a great guitar and well worth every penny. I say get it. The price of mahogany is going up really fast and it's just going to go up more. 2 years ago the D15 was $500, and now it's $800. Thats a 62% price increase in just 2 years. If the price keeps going up as fast as it has been then in another 5 years the guitar will cost close to $1,600.

If you like the D15 and you want the D15 then get it now while it's still affordable.

It's true what they say about low end martins being crap, but the D15 isn't a low end Martin.
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