Just recently been screwing around and discovered this scale and I'm wondering what the name is.

Notes are:
A#, B, C##, D##, E#, F#, G

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if you mean A# B D E F F# G then thats 1 b2 4 5 b6 6 b7

i dont know what the **** that is ... Bb Phrygian add6 ?

edit: my magical book of scales suggests the second mode of Bebop Dorian (or, simply, Bebop Minor) if the third is minor; or the seventh mode of 8 Tone Spanish b2 is the third is major. i cant find one for if there is no 3rd.
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It has 3 consecutive h-steps in it... uhhh. aaannnddd it has a 1 1/2 step too. theres no 3rd...


edit: well there is a 3rd, but its actually a 4th.

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