Poll: Digital Camera or video camera?
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Digital Cam
2 29%
Video Cam
5 71%
Voters: 7.
What should I buy?

Things to consider: I would make more movies/vid clips, but a digital camera can also take video. So, which one should I look into getting? Whats one advantage one has over the other?

Hm, hard decision. Digital cams provide nice high-res pictures for lasting memories, but videos add so much to the memories as well (at the expense of visual quality).

I dunno :-/
The video function on digital cameras is more of a gimmick than anything. Mine can only do about a minute and a half. If you want to make more movies and stuff go with the video camera, most of them can do stills as well.
most video cameras these days have half decent still picture quality, and can take good video. digital camera video is not very good. my nikon does a better job than my friend's kodak, but both of them are still not very smooth.
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