Hi everyone just thought i would do a bit of unnessery promotion here.
We aren't a complete band yet as we really need a drummer but we are in the process of writing some new songs, there are some on the myspace but two of them are kinda crap. Frag (that's not its final name) is the main song on there and isnt completely finished, it's converted from a guitar pro file into mp3 just so you know it's not us playing. We will start recording some stuff at some point but we may require investing in of some sort of recording device (i'm thinking that portable boss one).

Anyway check us out on: www.myspace.com/darkplaneband

We are ages 14-15 and got together quite recently and are a SE London rock/metal band.

There is a really poor video on there please ignore, bad playing and quality.
It was alright, get a decent recording up and I'll listen again.

Metal's not really my thing, though.
Yeah man! I hear ya! I'm guessing that you used some type of composing software.....
Frag is a really awesome song. I enjoyed it!