My band is probably best described as alternative or metal ban

my band name idea is

tell me what you think.

PS. If your wondering what the hell HazelHead is, I saw a weird story on a crime show and there was an old lady who'd put a dating ad in the paper looking for a man her age. After she moved in with the person she was dating she'd kill them and leave the state and change her name and do the same thing in the other state. She is known as Hazel Head. I thought it was pretty funny. I told my friend (which happened to be the singer of my band) about the story, and then we got on the topic of band names and he suggested we could maybe use that. I think it might be good.
I dont know man heres a band name for ya

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couldn't you just post this in the "Band Name" thread?

i'd give the name maybe a 5/10 - not good but not terrible either.
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dude u need 2 get a bettr than that

How about "Better Than Scrotom" name? Or "Better Than That" for that matter? Btw I know no band with the last name, and it's at least not straightforward / something you can see every day...
Sorry for kidding... Good luck with the name, it's a tough challenge to find the one...
i thought of a good one, but i dont want to give it up because its my bands name
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u could always read a children's book and get your name like Atreyu did, lmfao

or just take random words and put them together like Escape The Fate

lol, just some jokes, but Hazel Head sounds kinda lame.... 4/10 good luck with that though
No kidding this time...
If you are interested of course...
You can tell me some words that would describe you in English, and I'd give you Ukrainian for that (in English letters of course). Example: "Inshi" ("Others"). If you post some words to me, there's a chance some UA version will sound...
Don't know if it's any good idea... you can try other languages whatever you like...
Il give it a 6/10, it's not bad. You could think of a band that you are inspired by, and name your band after a song or album by them, some bands choose their name like that.

seriously though, D_Outville has a great point. that could be really interesting
>> seriously though, D_Outville has a great point. that could be really interesting

No way, he sucks! And his points are bullshit pathetic, that's what I say! Kill him! Or at least post a thread about killing him! And make it sticky!!