Hi, this is probably a newb question, but is replacing power tubes an easy job, i mean is it just slot it in and you're done, or is there lots of other stuff involved, i have a laney lc 30 and i think the tone is going downhill, starting to lose the bottom end and theres lots of hissing, its probably to do with the power tubes and not pre amp right? i have no idea when it comes to tubes. So anyway just wondering is it a simple case of just slotting the pins in the holes or what lol

thanks any help would be appreciated!
I've always believed in *Matched and balanced* tubes.

If you replace one, you replace them ALL.

I use Groove Tubes in my Ampeg.
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definatly go with matched and balanced.

ive heard bad things about groove tubes.

you might wanna lookin into preamp tubes as well if your getting hissing