Hello kind people of UG, just thought i'd upload a song ive been working on for a few days now, going for a theory in practice/darkane/meshuggah type sound. More songs will be on the way soon i imagine, but for now here's Seventh Earth. C4C by the way
Seventh Earth version 2.zip
This is pretty sweet man...i was definitley getting an iced earth, jack kinda vibe out of this one. The small solo/lead section at around 2:14 was decent but some notes seemed to not fit...probably due to MIDI...i like the heavy oart after that though. The main solo was much better it sounded very nice to me except maybe a few notes towards the end...after that i pretty much heard recylcled riffs which is good because they are good riff...the outro is pretty sweet. This is a pretty solid thrash or death metal song. Tell me what you think about mine...its called Morning Solitude...the link is in my sig.
That was damn good. The solo trade off part was great! The harmonizing throughout was also excellent. I think you definatly accomplished what you set out to do with this one... I wish I had more to say but I really couldn't find much wrong with it at all.
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i dont want to sound mean but it was good except a little bit with solo;s,

what i thought was wrong with the solo's were that they stayed in the same general part of the neck and after awhile seem repetitive

-thats all
First i would like to thank you for your crit i appreciate it alot. Now to the song the riffs were pretty killer very thrashy but a little technical with some death metal influenses i really enjoyed it. i didnt care for the solo section it didnt seem to fit the piece. i think the song needed something a little bit slower and more melodic mabey something similar to megadeth solo or something.

Overall its a killer song with amazing riffs with a better solo section you will have an amazing song. Good work 8.5/10

You definitely accomplished your goal. I just think the drums werent quite as feeling filled as Tomas Haake's, possibly to filled with blast beats. But mostly, the drums were awesome.

The song was amazing! I dont think it matters if the soloing was easy or not, it sounded damn good.
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The solo's were sort of boring, not to be mean. Some of the riffs sound awful on GP5 because of the speed, but it obviously sounds much better on a guitar. I thought it was alright. Not bad at all.
General idea was there. I just think that a lot of your note selection could have been better. I know your probably going for a dissonant sound but at times it just sounds goofy.


btw thanks for the crit bro
That was very enjoyable. I really like the interlude, and the solos were well written. Theres not much else to say. It all flowed together nicely and sounded great. I can't really think of anything specifically that needs improved, it all seemed pretty good.

Overall, I'd give it an 8/10
Love it, sounds very dark 8/10.
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