I'm in my senior year now, and I'm choosing which college I'm going to attend in the fall. I'm going to end up dorming, as I'm going about an hour and a half away from home for school.

Now I just realized, that I might have a problem with all of my guitar gear. Would I be allowed to bring it with me? Dorms aren't very large, so guitars and amps would take up a lot of the room. Also, playing at any volume might tick off people around the building, which would be undesirable.

I"m sure some UG'ers have been in this situation before (even though most of us are 14-17). What did you do in this situation, or even if you haven't been, any advice?
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Ask the people around your dorm about the noise and compromise.
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you can bring whatever you want to most dorms as long as it isnt illegal, but yeah keep it down.
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i'm in the same boat you are... i'm just gonna bring my acoustic.. maybe my bass.. but go and see how the dorm operates.. if other people bring guitars.. if they do .. bring it along .. thats what i'm gonna do
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Don't bring your whole rig. just bring a small practice amp and one guitar.
i am in the dorms right now and i have my combo and my electrics and my acoustic. its all upon the situation you have bro, my roomie is cool with it all. good luck.
I just sold my half stack for that reason......too big for a dorm room...... oh well.
I agree with Slash. You really don't have the space to bring much else other than a practice amp and a guitar. If you can figure it out, maybe sacrifice something else, you might be able to bring 2 guitars or a bit larger amp, but then again you really won't be playing to loud so probably best to do the practice amp and one guitar deal. But yeah, you can bring anything legal in there unless it's a fire hazard or a pet other than like a fish.
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I'm looking at schools too, and I want to go to a school like Berklee and major in music performance with guitar but I'm not sure wtf I'd do with my stuff in a dorm...
my freshman year there was like 8 people on my floor with their electrics... just be respectful and you should'nt have a problem.
ya like some said ealier just use headphones. They also allow you focus more on what your playing if you have trouble concentrating like me.
Take headphones, or an acoustic, or a small amp and play quietly on it. most college dorms will be loud anyway, and usually they are not very anal. unless you go to a pussy college as an honor society member.... lol. plus there will be college chicks who will bang you cuz you can play, and also there will definately be other people with guitars there.
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Starter amp (as long as it has good sound) and headphones ftw
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I was never explicitly told that I couldn't bring an electric guitar and amp...but you should probably ask when you go visit schools.
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Starter amp (as long as it has good sound) and headphones ftw

Yeah, I agree. Currently I only have my acoustic in the dorm though. It's a lot easier to carry and takes up less space since there's less gear involved.
I only brought my acoustic... it's annoying, cause I want to rock out, but it doesn't bother anyone...

No one would really care if I had my electric anyway, just don't bring a Marshall Stack...
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Some places they allow amps, some don't. Since I got my 400W they banned amps in my halls...but seriously don't worry about it.

Why you going somewhere so close to home though?
I'm in my third year of college. My freshman year all I had was a cheapo guitar and small practice amp. Now I've got a room with three other guys. I've got four guitars here (three electric, one acoustic) one of my room mate's has two guitars, and we each have fairly sizable amps, him a 30 watt ss and me a 15 watt tube. Scope out the room before you bring anything, I can only fit this much junk because my room is pretty big.

Also, the guy across from my room plays guitar, and the people below me play guitar also. I seriously play as loud as I want, and never get complaints. It'll help matters if you're a good guitarist, no one wants to hear loud, sloppy playing.
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Now I've got a room with three other guys.

You share a room? Between 4? I hope your rent is damn cheap - that must suck!
Nah, they're all my friends. Quads at college campuses are not uncommon.
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Nah, they're all my friends. Quads at college campuses are not uncommon.

They sure are in England!
get a job then rent a storage unit with electricity and store your shit their. find some other guys with same boat and have them pitch in for money. you might even end up having a band because of that
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