The first part was cool, very trippy, very Pink Floyd. The distorted part was also cool, but it seems out of place when you go clean imbetween the two distorted parts. I would either stay distorted until the end, or have a build-up with the distorted part, and bring it back down with an outro with the same tone as the first part

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not too bad, the tone is great, beginnings very gilmour like, and it has a cool pink floyd feel. The harder part in the middle is cool, i really liked the transition. Sounds kinda GNRish when you go into the clean, but no idea why. Overall, pretty cool though. Crit mine?
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that was pretty cool man. Nice melody. Excellent groove too, I love how it comes into the dirty sound, and that chord progression is really cool. Not feeling the clean coming in at 2:47, gotta fix the transition to that. Other than that, pretty badass man, I liked it.

not really your style probably, but gimme a crit when you have a chance.
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Not experimental. I'll get that out of the way...

Trippy delay, nice cutting synth. I'm inclined to say..."Too much like Pink Floyd?"

Nice composition tho. Nice random guitar hitting.

Randome guitar hitting + delay = Awesome...

nice next movment dude. but acoustic on the second part of the song is too dominating. tone it down.

mind checking mine out?


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well thanks everyone again, most likely i'll try to record all over and make it cooler, eventually......
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I like a lot. Atleast so far. Very trippy, great tones, great swirly atmosphere, great ambient noise. I wish I'd written this.
I like that the whole time it's just a solid rhythm. The lead's okay, nothing special if you really listen, kinda whiny with those bends, but i like it, it's got enough effects to just blend in and chill.
L;ove the transition, it's so pink floyd. Everything about this is. I like this part a lot, Programmed drums or real? For real, very boring, for programmed, very good.

Didn't like the second progression as much as the first, it was lacking something. Specially didn't like the last chord, I've never been fond of going that far out of key sometimes.

Ending sounds like on the run, round 3 40. Good stuff in all, fix up some of the stuff, maybe make it a little less repetettive, but it was very good.
Crit back?