i just moved here in the us and left my gear in my home country,i already bought a guitar and need to buy a new amp,i don't plan to spend much,$150 tops.i don't have a band yet beacause it's just my 2nd week here.i need it to be heard over drums though because i don't want to buy another one when a join a band,i play hard rock,metal,practicing some satriani stuff too,guns n roses,all i need it is something good for rock nd metal
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Save up to about $225 and get a Roland Cube 30. Great solid-state amp, and good for the heavier stuff that you like.
line 6 spider 3 is good for metal but i dont think the 15 watter will get over the drums
^ NO!.

Cube 30 or 60. 60 might actually struggle a bit over the drummer though.
The cube 30 MIGHT be just be able to be heard over the drums, when cranked and square waved that is.

You might also want to consider a Vox if you are going to play the lighter stuff, like GnR etc.