Hey. I'm having some problems with Guitar Rig 2 and would like some advise. No matter what i do there's always constant buzzing and it sounds horrible. I can turn on noise reduction and it's ok but that cuts notes out after like 2 seconds. I've been told it's because i'm just running my guitar straight into my PC and not through an effects box like Digitech ETC. So i was thinking of buying an effects box and some good pick ups for my guitar. Would this produce good results? Thanks.
First off make sure that the cable you're running from your guitar into the computer doesn't come too close to any power leads. They cause magnetic interference due to the current and can cause 50- or 60-cycle hum. If you have a CRT monitor for your computer that will also produce a nice little magnetic field that will affect your pickups. Turning the monitor off will cure that but if that's not an option angling your body/guitar away from the monitor will help. And good pickups, preferably humbuckers which are less noise-prone than single coils, will definitely be a step in the right direction.