I currently play a 5-string, and the guys I jam with play 6-string guitars. Now, the vast majority of our tunes are ending up in Drop-C. If I were to drop-tune my upper four strings to match (C G C F), what would I tune my Low B string to?

I realize that I can just fret the Low B at the 1st fret to match the C, but it's a heck of a lot easier to play open notes and get that resonance to match throughout the ensemble. Ya dig?

You could tune it GCGCF, GCGCG, CGCFBb, or just keep it in standard and adjust the tuning to BEADG.
If your amp can pick it up, a low G or G#.
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yeah, your amp might not be able to take that kind of abuse for very long.

but I think Peavey came out with an amp specifically designed for bassist who use octave pedals, that would work well in your situation
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The other thing I was considering was actually tuning up a half-step, to C F A# D# G#.

Thanks, ya'll!

I would suggest you use a Capo then. It is better for your strings...
this is what I do
I tune it like a 4 string and then the B up to a C, I do that to create a realy havy sounding C (play the 2 strings at the same time)
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This is a huge derail, but maXterbat0r, is that ATK300 a new one or an old one?
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I'd personally just get a lighter set of strings (maybe .120-.40 or something to that effect) and tune up to C standard from B.
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Hmm.. i would tune CEADG. i dont see why you need the other strings tuned differently.

From what i understand, the diff between drop C and drop D is that C is lower, but its still about being able to do a lot of fast powerchord riffs.

Which you can do very easily with CEADG, because you have the C to chug the open string riffs on, and the rest of the strings you know where you're other notes are on in case you need em.

Drop C music aint my cup o tea, but thats my 2 cents.
i tune my B string up to C. if i do drop D, i go ADADG

or you can flap that B string down to a G
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