What is the best guitar cleaner/polish and fretboard cleaner?

I have an Epi LP custom..
I use Kyser lemon oil. Works wonders for me and all my setup projects. It brought back what I thought was a dead fretboard from an old guitar that a bud of mine found in his basement. As for guitar polish I don't know as I don't use any.
PRS Singlecut Trem

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I use ghs fast fret, gloss(sometimes) n dunlop 65 polish, n dunlop cloth, planet waves mirco fibre cloth was very good, until i lost it :P
Personally, Id just buy a micro fiber and maybe lemon oil. Lemon oil for the fretboard every once in a blue moon, and the cloth to wipe the guitar whenever.

Lemon oil supposedly moisturizes and cleans the fretboard.
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