ok from what i under stand there are 2 solos in the song although the first solo is also comonly known as the interlude and is blown away by the second.

ok the tabs on this website from what ive seen dont have the harmony part between james and kirk its just kinda of there in the song i mean you can tell 2 guitars are playing in harmony it just dosent completely sound like 1 guitar doing it.

and what i want to know is dose any one have a accurate or correct tab of that harmony in the intrelude/first solo.

And the solo after the harmony part is from what i understand james and the tabs ive seen are correct in the since of the pitches but not all the notes are there like im listenting to the song and im hearing him doing pulloffs hamer ons that arent in tab because he dose them with such speed its hard to tell. for the mean time im going to experiment until i figure it out but if any one has a complete tab i would like that.
theyre all correct just play it more and listen to it and youll figure it out easily. if you cant maybe your not up to scratch for MoP