Alright, so I got a Roland Cube 30x for my birthday, but somewhere around the same time I broke my electric. I was pulling the cord out of it, when the wiring and stuff came out with the jack. :P Before, I could tape it in place and it would work, but now it started buzzing (which scared the crap out of me, because I thought it was a problem w/ my amp). Anyways, is there any way I could fix it for the time being? I'm probably going to borrow my friend's Bronze Series Warlock (crap I know) for the time being, since it'll be like a month before my new guitar comes. And I'm too lazy to play acoustic...

So yeah, anyway to fix it?
Take it to the shop and let em fix it. Shouldn't cost more than 30 bucks or so. If you know anything about guitars at all you could just get the schematic and make sure it's all wired up yourself. Not that difficult man.
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re-solder it,

and if you dont know what your doing:

get it fixed by someone at a shop
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its so good to be back!
Don't feel like wasting money on repairing a guitar I'm going to return anyways, ha ha.

I guess it's a stupid question though, how to best tape up my guitar lol.