Ok, hre are the songs I'm going to play at my first gig (At a local open mic night)

1.Highway to Hell-AC DC
2.What I Got-Sublime
3.Godfather Theme-GNR
4.Fortunate Son-CCR
5.Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana

What order should I play them in? I know I wanna close with Highway To Hell, but I'm not sure other than that, so please help me out.
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Smells Like Teen Spirit
What I Got
Fortunate Son
Godfather Theme
Highway to Hell
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Definitely start with the Godfather theme, preferably with the lights off and the curtains closed (if you're playing a place with curtains ).
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..Godfather Theme-GNR
What I Got-Sublime
.Fortunate Son-CCR
.Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana
.Highway to Hell-AC DC
1.What I Got-Sublime
2.Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana
3.Godfather Theme-GNR
4.Fortunate Son-CCR
5.Highway to Hell-AC DC

^^do it like that. Teen Spirit should be done second just in case the crowd need time to warm up. Just burst into it as the second song. Instrumentals should be done in the middle of the set. And highway to hell....you know.
1. Your Own Song 1
2. Your Own Song 2
3. Your Own Song 3
4. Your Own Song 4
5. AC/DC - Highway To Hell
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