i was wondering whats the difference and how much better the x30 is cos i dunno whether to spend the extra money on the x30 or not...?
This is the 30x.

I have just the regular 30, which I'm pretty sure is being discontinued now anyways. The only differences I see with the 30x is the Power Squeezer, the Dyna Amp, the new "Acoustic" setting, and the built in tuner. Other than that everything else is the same.

The price is the same as my regular 30 was when I got it, so unless you can find the 30 for a lot cheaper I'd buy the 30x....some of the new features seem pretty useful.
thanks...yeah i have found the regular 30 selling for very cheap, so i think i'll just get that.
I dont like my 20 watt cube, and another person who got the 30 watt one said he had problems like I did: Lots of buzzing, etc. Ive been looking into changing my guitar pickups, but after my parents swatted that one down and playing my teachers amp, I may just get a epiphone or fender amp. Honestly, it has alot of nice things(sooo many features), but I really dont like the cube.
My setup specs:

Guitars: Fender 50's stratocaster
Old jr accoustic crap guitar.

Amp: Roland cube 20x (Going to probably be traded in for a blues jr soon though.)

Effects: Dunlop gcb-95 wah
Boss dd-6 delay