whenever i skateboard, i can ride regular well, but i do tricks in a goofy stance. I ve been practicing riding goofy but its kind of wierd when i ride it ,it dosent feel like i have enough control. So for all you that skateboard, how can i ride and do tricks just staying in the same stance and give me some helpful tips
Just practice. it'll come.

It's like when people learn to do tricks switch, it may seem weird at first, but eventually you learn.
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Just basically practice as much as you can or you'll prolly lose the ability.
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i would suggest learning to ride and do tricks both ways right at the start. that way it will be awesome when your friends say "awesome (insert name here) how you do that switch footed?" youll reply with "i can go both ways" no gay slang intended.
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i push with my right foot( regular) but i hop on the board goofy and do tricks goofy. i call it the hybrid stance. i know that wasn't helpful but , i just had to put my two cents in.
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your suppose to be doing your tricks and cruising in which stance feels most natural. if goofy is most natural to you, try placing your right foot on the front bolts and push with your left leg, then just put your left leg on and there ya go !! your riding goofy!! or if your regular just do the oppose legs.
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thats called pushing mongo

second in motion, I! But yeah thats the what you call it, Mongo skaters... if it feels natural then do it, but skating this way takes away like half a second when your getting ready to do a trick.

example cause i know some of you didn't get it

Skatin' down the street about to hit a gap move feet into position and jump

mongo, skatin' down the street about to hit the gap, almost literally "jump" into postion and barly clear it.

Its not a bad habit but it makes doin' some things a little bit more harder.
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