So, it was my birthday, so I decided I'm gonna get an electric because I cant play any of the songs i want on my acoustic. And, I was going to get the squier 51 and a roland cube 30 or something from sam ash and then what do you know? Green Tag savings from GC? so what i'm wondering is, if they have the 50% off the roland cubes. thanks
i haven't looked into this, but my experience with "sales" at guitar center (or most any other music store) are just the regular prices with a couple items discounted 5%. and then they put the "sale" price next to the list price, to make it look like you're saving a ton.
I seriously doubt it just like jimmy said. GC should have something called "The List" or something on their site with the few discounted items they have.
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i agree i dont want to go 4 miles just to see why kind of stuff is on sale
gc always says they have sales then when i look in the sales catalogue all the stuff is the same price as it was before the so called "sale".
ughhh that sucks. I guess I'll stick to sam ash. Can you haggle with Sam Ash like GC?
you can haggle with any music store

i think theres about 5 guitars/amps that are actually at a lower price than normal and all of them cost like $2000 and are normally $2200
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