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Elixer 11-49
7 58%
D'Addario 10.5-48
5 42%
Voters: 12.
I'm buying new strings, but im stuck in a rut. I love the tone from Elixer nanowebs. The sound is just - to me - perfect. But I like the playability of my D'addarios. But i like the sound of the Elixers more. But Elixer doesnt make the size im looking for, and D'Addario does. What do i do? go with Elixer 11-49's or go with my true size, 10.5-48?
mix'em up...but i'd personally go with the elixir since there isn't much of a difference.
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D'addarios imo. Ive never played Elixers and Ive only heard good things about them, but going from experience, Id say the D's.
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Elixers piss me off. Dunno why, I've never used em.

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yeah Elixirs definately most of my guitars are strung up with them for a certain reason (cos they sound good and last a while)