...if I had two penises? I think it would. I'd finally be able to build up strength in my left arm!
if you were dead?


hmm..idk about the 2 penises thing though..im happy with one :p
John Entwistle is my God. RIP.

listening to you, I get the music, gazing at you, I feel the heat, following you, I climb the mountain, I get excitement at your feet.
<3 tommy.
I think he is too...
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Obviously I'm biased towards the correct point of view. What kind of retard isn't?

now the other half of your day would be spent doing the same thing......
Where would it be? Above your first penis? If it was off to one side that would look very strange, would it not?
It's difficult to win unless you're bored.
No,I Would look like some deformed cow if I had two penises with one right above the other.
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Saw extended blue dick,
clicked X.

force of habit

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There is only one solution. We need to bomb outer space. That should show those terrorist bastards who's who
Couldn't he just keep one penis and use his left arm. This guy must be desperate for laughs or very bored.
666 BRO