This is a Chuck Berry style rock and roll song.

I grew up in a very small town
Off along a freeway of illinois down
South where its hotter than hell
I knew that i wasn't gonna fare to well
So I took a little trip back to where im from
Told everyone that they could come
They didn;t like an idea like that
But they told me to hurry back

Well i knew a little lady i liked very well
She told me That She wanted me to ring her bell
Well i told her that maybe i would come back soon
And maybe i'll be her brand new groom
She told me she doesnt want me like that
But told me to hurry back

I got on the plane I said i need a minute
My fear of heights has soaked up all my spirit
I looked out the window straight to the ground
And i was suprised at what i had found
All my friends were waving at me
Tell me come back in a hurry

I got to california and i felt great
So i got all my bags and tried to get a date
The first little lady i came upon
Had a little skirt and high heels on
She asked me what i was doin here
I told her i was tryin to get her near
She told me not today im in a scurry
so come back tommorow in a hurry