I got a guitar though a trade and its a dixon fat strat. The guitar was black on black to start out with it looked something like this
I couldn't stand it anymore so i made a new pickgaurd out of plexiglass and put switches for each pickup so i could turn each one off independently, the other two switches are for switching between humbucking or single coil.

I did all the wiring myself and also all of the plexiglass work.I'm only 17 so I'm pretty proud. What do you think?
Thats pretty well done man

Nice work aye
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I did all the wiring myself and also all of the plexiglass work.I'm only 17 so I'm pretty proud. What do you think?

y'know a lot younger ppl then u have made guitars from scratch b4. But if it's ur first go then yeah, it's pretty gd.

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its nice...
no need to brag about how young you are though...
the people here are here to see you work and offer helpful advice etc.
so for next time i suggest that you pretend that everyone using this forum is 17 aswell... because unless you are like 10 or under then your age is not really something to brag about...

nice job though... even if you were 40
thats pretty sick, looks clean, but what kind of pick ups are those?
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What's the 5th switch for?
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I imagine one switch is a master kilswitch, one to turn on the bridge pu, one to turn on the neck pu, and two switches for coil splitting(or tapping).
What did you use to shield the electronics and cavities with? Regular Aluminum foil?
Honestly I have no idea what type of pickups they are they came with the guitar there are no markings on them what so ever. The 5th switch was going to be used for phasing but it didn't work, so right now it does nothing. As for shielding my dad has some i guess its Aluminum foil tape for duct work, it has an adhesive backing on it already so its very easy to work on. Yea i decided to go with submicro switches and that was a mistake because it was so hard to solder wires on to those small poles.