ive been playin guitar for a year and im sick of a horrible sounding 300 dollar squier and the amp tht came with it.
So im lookin for a new amp and guitar with a max price for both of them together of 1000 au dollars i really want something good cuz i dont want to get ripped of again lyk wen i brought my squier
I play old metal lyk metallica megadeth maiden sabbath dio judas priest slayer stuff lyk tht so i want a guitar tht fits it perfecty so could ppl advise me cuz ihave no idea about good and bad amps and guitars and im gunna have to have this rig for a couple of years.
ill be gettn it from www.guitar.com.au or www.guitarparadise.com.au

i would say any jackson JS30 (there is dinky, kingv, Randy Rhodes, kelly etc.) great guitars for ~500au and with that a Randall RG or similar amp or a roland cube.
Check out ebay too dude, especially for the randall amps, it gets aussie shops all in the one place (not everything is used! shops use it to advertise their stock)
Status: Taken.