my amp is a Fender Blues Deluxe
my guitars are a Gibson LP Standard and a Fender Lone Star Strat.

I've got a Boss OS-2 pedal which gets a 'muddy' kind of distortion with a lot of feedback. it sounds pretty good for heavily distorted punk and metal (neither of which is my main cup of tea, but I play a little of both).

what I'm looking for is a "smooth" distortion that is not so muddy and feedback prone. the sounds I'm after for this pedal is Pearl Jam/Alice in Chains/Hendrix/SRV/Soundgarden. anything any heavier than those, I can use the Boss pedal. I've heard so much about the Tubescreamer that maybe this is the one I should try, or maybe a recommendation for a different pedal?

so my main questions are:

1. can a Tubescreamer get a good but not so heavy and thick distortion like AIC/Pearl Jam?

2. is there enough difference between a Tubescreamer and a Boss OS-2 to warrant buying the Ibanez pedal?

3. for $10 more, there is a Tubescreamer that has 4 different "modes". would this one be advisable over the regular TS-9 or not?

1. Yes, though it's overdrive, not distortion, and you could make it heavier with an amp's od.
2. Yes
3. Depends what the "modes" are. If it's just a TS-9 with bells on, then yes.
go for the maxon od 9. Maxon used to make ibanez ts's.
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im buying a ts7 and modding it to a ts808 soon, have u thought about doing something like that?
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Robert Keeley modded TS9DX Flexi 4x2.
true bypass
amaizingly versital
incredible tones
Analogman modded maxon od808 silver
True bypass
awesome in all regards.
around $215 shipped

I have the same pedal but in TS-9 which is not true bypass. My mistake but to be honest, I can't hardly tell the difference with this pedal.