the guitar was solid.; however, your vocals were not os good......you need to learn singin in tune man
^pretty much what he said....the guitar was pretty good but the vocals were off key
you guys mean how anthony sings higher? i just tried singing within my range i cant really tell if its offkey or not it sounded fine to me but then again maybe im the best at listening for notes in vocals and just singing in general. but thanks for the reply on the guitar thats what im most concerned about
Guitar is solid, really like the tone too! If you were to get drums to that it would be unreal! Vocals didnt really cut it for me. Tho I like the twist you put on it, Different which is good! Over-all good job!
Guitar is great and so is its tone, but the vocals made me wince seeing as they weren't very close to being in tune. You should practice pitching notes with your voice, and maybe do something like playing the melody and then humming it then la-ing it then doing the lyrics etc.

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[22:08:26] <Confusius> you fuckers look cool

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