Hey everyone, this is Mack56 here. I haven't posted here in...months, maybe a year. i've been in a recording slump as far as originals go.

anyway, i got some new stuff up and i want you to check it out.


The 2 tracks are Elexic and Trip. They're both pretty much still in the demo stage cause i'm working out kinks in the sound. Tell me what you think.
Sounding nice, could use some more creativity, its really plain and straight forward. Short too.
(Upgrade your computer or start resampling so you can get more going on!)
i'm agreeing with maddd0g, they sound pretty good but are way to short to really go anywhere. i'd be interested in hearing extended versions of them.
from daylight...
...into darkness
Indeed, they sound pretty good. I'd probably make it more complex but that's just me.