So I'm thinking of building a 2 x 12" cab. then putting in some vintage 30's. Now before you say I'm in the wrong thread... I want to power the cab. with my Fender FM100H. This head isn't a "prestige" Fender model. In fact, it's one of the lower end amp heads. So my question is concerning the tone.

If I have great speakers (vintage 30's) and a mediocre amp head powering it, will I get a significantly better tone, than say, the Fender head with some stock speakers? Or will it not be worth it?

I'm open to any other suggestions concerning speakers, amp ideas, etc.

Your thoughts?
Better speakers are going to sound better than not-so-hot speakers, no matter what head is driving them. It's not going to be some miraculous improvement, but it'll be an improvement. If you really like the V30's, then I think you should definitely go for it. In the end, you'll have a cab that'll sound great now, and better when you upgrade your head.
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Well, personally I think you should upgrade to a better head, mainly because it will give you the better improvement in your sound. You could get the cab and speakers and get that part of the deal over with. But if you want a better sound right now, go for the new head.
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