So i might be teaching professionally for 2 or 3 kids
and i've never taught before
so what do i really need?
and what should i teach them first

sorry im clueless
You should look at some books/websites, see how they approach the teaching method. And are you talking about one-on-one lessons, or generic-beginner-guitar lessons?
I taught professionally for over 5 years, it is very fun and rewarding. I was a kick ass teacher. Most important things: teach 5 pentatonic scales, give them simple riffs, teach them all the basic chords, give them sample chord progression, have all this stuff photocopied and a bunch of blank paper with lines, also ask them what they want to play and most of all if you want to keep them as students, make sure they are having fun!
I am teaching a kid now actually, and you just have to start slow. Make sure that they get a book or something. If you can, make it so they all get the same book, it will be easier on you. Then just go slow, make then learn 1 string a week, and if they dont get it, do the same string again next week.

The key is patience, and make sure they are having fun.
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I've never taught professionaly before, though I've shown my friends some stuff. I'm only 15, so I can't really get hired to do that.

I would suggest the very basics (proper picking, finger excercises, chords, a bit of chromatic stuff etc.). Get them built up a little, and then slowly get more advanced.
Early on, teach them songs that they like (Easy songs of course). Also encourage writing however primitive their songs may be. After a while, REALLY dig into technique, scales and stuff like arpeggios. By then, you will have a firm grasp on teaching.
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I would start off with showing them simple riffs they can play and the basic major and minor chords then tell them to try writing some songs with the chords when they get home. Also tell them to remember the name of the chords not just the chord shape. Remember to tell them how to tune without using a tuner.
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